If you think dealing with nasty clients and missed appointments is a challenge, try being cast away to a deserted island where you undergo numerous physical and mental challenges. That’s exactly what nail salon manager Anh-Tuan “Cao Boi” (pronounced “cowboy”) Bui is doing on the 13th season of the CBS reality TV show “Survivor Cook Islands.” As of press time, Bui was still competing with the other contestants on “Survivor Cook Islands”

Born in Vietnam and currently from Christianburg, Va, the 42-year- old salon manager is part of the Asian-American tribe on the show. Along with his tribe and the other contestants (20 in total), Bui takes on new challenges every week: in his quest to win the show’s $1 million cash prize.

But was a Vietnam War refugee at the age of 11. He eventually moved to the United States and attended Virginia Tech. Before he was a nail salon manager, he worked various jobs including photographer, used car salesman, fisherman, and farm hand. He’s married to Kristol Bond and has two children. He also has a dog, which he brought back from Vietnam when he visited in 2003, and two cats.

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