The ACCRED (Advisory Council on Cosmetology Relations in Education) committee of NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences), along with JBL Associates of Bethesda, Md., recently released the results of a study of state licensure examinations. Following the study, the following eight recommendations were submitted to the head of each state licensing board in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, for consideration:

--Greater accommodation should be made for graduates whose primary language is not English.

--Tests should be provided at multiple locations to provide easier access for the examinee.

--Provide reciprocity of certification with other states.

--Allow graduates to begin working prior to taking the examination under a student permit for a limited time.

--Test developers should be able to provide information on the validity, reliability, standard setting, and methods used to equate different versions of the test.

--States should review their websites to make sure information on the tests and study guides are prominently shown on the home page with clear links to the appropriate testing company website to make it easier to review the attributes of the test.

--Students who don't pass the exam should be provided an analysis of their weaknesses and strengths so they can focus their efforts appropriately before retaking the test.

--There should be a needs test program to help low-income students pay for the examination fee.

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