Power is about having some control over your success. You have it and are you willing to share? We can measure power from innumerable vantage points and get a different reading every time. The scale is constantly in flux. Not to worry, it’s not about how much power you have, it’s what you do with it. As you take the following self-quiz, rely less on the numerical outcome and more on the possible inspiration within the questions. Your score is a snapshot of today. There is so much more waiting for you tomorrow.

Choose one answer for each question. If none apply, leave blank.

  1. Have you entered a nail competition?

(Yes = 1point)                                                                              __________

  1. Have you placed in a nail competition?

(Yes = 3 points)                                                                            __________

  1. Have you been voted “best” or “favorite” by local newspaper in your community?

(Yes = 5 points)                                                                            __________

  1. You attend professional beauty shows....

O Never; you learned everything you need to know in school. (0 points)                                             O            Every three years. (1 point)

O  Every year. (5 points)                                                  __________

  1. You attend a hand-on workshop...

O  At least every three years. (1 point)

O  At least once a year. (2 points)

O  More than once a year. (5 points)                    __________

  1. Your appointment book.......

O  Is filling, but you have plenty of room for new clients. (1 point)

O  Is almost full. (3 points)

O  Is full. You have a waiting list, and have raised your prices. (5 points)          _________

  1. You network with other.....

O  As little as possible; you don’t want them to get your secrets. (0 points)

O  In the salon. (2 points)

O  In other local salon (3 points)

O  In and outside the nail industry, and also on the Internet. (5 points) _________

  1. Your average weekly income is ......

O  Less than $250. (1 point)

O  $251 - $450. (2 points)

O  $451 - $650. (3 point)

O  Over $651. (4 points)                                                                          __________

  1. You are mentor to.....

O  Your house cat. (0 points)

O  No one yet, but you aspire to help others in the future. (1 point)

O  One nail professional. (3 points)

O  Several nail professionals. (5 points)                           ___________

  1. Are yo9u educator in the nail industry?

(Yes = 3 points)                                                                                                    ___________

  1. When was the last time you recieve media coverage?

O  When you placed your last ad. (3 points)

O  When you sent out a press release for the community

event the salon was hosting. (3 points)

O  When you were quoted for a story in the local newspaper. (5 points)  ________

  1. How long have you been in the nail industry?

O  One year or less. (2 points)

O  1-5 years. (3 points)

O  10 years or more. (7 points)                                                    ____________

  1. Do you subscribe to and read a professional publication?

(Yes = 3 points)                                                                                                    ____________

  1. Do you participate in nail industry surveys?

O  Never. (0 points)

O  Sometimes. (2 points)

O  Always. (5 points)

  1. What percentage of your clients purchase retail?

O 25% (2 points)

O  50% (4 points)

O  75% or more (6 points)                                                                       _____________

  1. How do you feel about your career as nail professional?

O  It is okay. (1 point)

O  It is fun and you can see yourself doping it for many years. (2 points)

O  It is extremely rewarding; can’t imagine doing anything else. (3 points) _______

  1. Where will we find you on your day off?

O  Day off? What’s that? (0 points)

O  Doing something you love. (5 points)                         _______________


  1. Do you publish a newsletter?

(Yes = 3 point)                                                                                                     ______________

  1. Does your salon have a website?

(Yes = 5 point)

  1. Does your salon have a popular signature service?

(Yes = 2 points)

  1. How do you approach salon policies and procedures?

O  There really isn’t a formal plan. (0 points)

O  With a brief set of written guidelines. (3 points)

O  You use a salon manual for guidance. (4 points)

O  it is updated frequently and each staff member has a copy. (5 points) ________

Total Number of Points                                                                                                                                                           _______

Interpreting Your Score

Go ahead and total up you answer, and remember. Your PQ is just a faction of what you are capable of

Less than 25 points (nail tech) or 35 points (salon owner): You are on yo9ur way. Grab hold of the opportunities that are right in front of you your clients look to you for you professional guidance. As your clientele and exposure grows, your PQ is multiplied.

26-50 points (nail tech) or 36-60 points (salon owner): You have an awesome hand in the nail industry. You are respected by clients and peers alike. You take advantage of opportunities that others miss.

Over 50 points (nail tech) or over 60 points (salon owner): You are a force to be reckoned with you make your own luck and create your own opportunities. Keep on setting the example for the rest of us. We will be sure to follow your lead.

Erin Snyder Dixon is a salon owner, nail tech, and educator for NSI She’s coauthor of the best selling books, Seizing your success and Giving Gratitude, and a freelance writer. Her new book Salon Success, Building the Highly Effective Salon & Spa, coauthored with Robin Gibbons, is available at www.BarnesandNoble.com.


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