For most salon owners, the salon’s menu is a reflection of their quality, dedication, and pride in their work. It’s also a reflection of the salon’s style, image, and decor. Since the menu is often the first thing potential new clients see, it’s essential your menu makes a lasting impact. The colours you choose, the graphic design, typeface, format, service descriptions, even the size of the menu — all of these elements play a principal part in branding your salon and attracting new clients.

NAILS salutes the winners of our Salon Menus With Style contest who drew the attention of our judges with their engaging graphics, creative copy, and innovative design. We hope these winning menus will inspire you to take a fresh look at your own menu and help you to promote your services in an appealing and inviting way.

1st Place

Salon: Nail Dimensions in Wheaton, III.

Owner: Dawn Britton

What our judges had to say: The high-quality card stock and soothing earth tones of Nail Dimensions’ salon menu exude elegance. Inside the menu, the playful graphics and fun typeface combine for an attractive, clean design. Britton’s sense of humour is apparent in her request for referrals, “If you are pleased with our service... tell a friend. If you are not, please tell us!” The expanded pedicure menu insert with its mouth watering descriptions is sure to tempt pedicure novices and veterans alike. Overall, this is a great example of how you don’t need a four-color brochure for an impressive-looking salon menu.

2nd Place Salon: The Orchid Box in Greensboro, N.C.

Owner: Carmen Li

What our judges had to say: With its delicate, Asian-inspired motif and floral design. The Orchid Box’s salon menu is perfectly understated inside and out. The easy-to-read format lists brief, but not bland, services such as the Refreshing Manicure and the Foot Lacquer Revamping. One side of the menu is dedicated to “Policies & Programs,” which also informs clients about the salon’s health and safety standards and procedures. Located inside a day spa. The Orchid Box also lists the spa’s web address so interested clients can find out even more about “A Place to Pamper Your Fingers & Toes.”


3rd Place

Salon: Spa Tiki in Little Falls, N.J.

Owner: Cathy Marrone

What our judges had to say: The warm, inviting cover of Spa Tiki’s salon menu says it all—with pictures. One glance and clients see they will be transported to a relaxing, tropical-themed environment. Throughout the convenient, tri-fold menu, rounded photos complement the nail and skin care offerings, which are listed in full. On the back of the menu, Spa Tiki’s mission statement describes its commitment to quality and safely, and tells valued clients that they “will always be treated as a guest in our ‘home.’” The menu’s soft-colour pattern enhances its appeal.

1st runner-up

Salon: Brown & Deline Salons in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Mich.

Owners: Cathy Brown-Issel

What our judges had to say: Simple, yet stylish, the design of Brown & Deline Salons’ menu has a clean, straight-forward appeal. Potential clients will also notice the unusual, fun size of the tri-fold brochure. The salon’s “It’s All About You!” tag line on the cover is also prominently displayed across all three inside pages, reiterating to clients how important they are. To offset the white, red, and black colour scheme inside the menu, the middle page employs a soft, floral background. A bridal packages insert is an added bonus for brides-to-be.


2nd runner-up

Salon: The Polished Pinky in Merrillville, Ind.

Owner. Torie Savickis

What our judges had to say: With its conservative colour scheme and no-frills cover. The Polished Pinky’s salon menu is appealing to both male and female clients. The inside of the menu has a unique format - the salon’s more costly signature enhancement services are listed first to entice potential clients to try something new. There are even specialized services for men. Under the heading “Come on Boys. Don’t be Shy!” are the Men’s Hand Detail and the Men’s Foot Detail. On the menu’s back cover, Savickis shares her industry affiliations and achievements.


Honourable mention

Salon: Spectrum Day Spa in Warsaw, Ind.

Owner: Darleen Hunter

What our judges had to say: Upon opening Spectrum Day Spa’s salon menu, neatly stacked, brightly collared inserts distinguish each type of service offering. Also briefly mentioned is the salon’s policies, so prospective clients know what to expect. The salon’s promise to invigorate each client’s mind, body, and soul fills the back page of the menu.

Honourable mention

Salon: The Nail Lounge in Naples, Fla.

Owner: Lynn Miller

What our judges had to say: The Nail Lounge’s simple, yet stylish, two-sided menu grabs your attention with its creative and quirky service names and descriptions. Miller put a lot of thought in compiling her unconventional list of 23 services. From the Quick-Change Artist (remove, file, moisturize, buff, polish, out-the-door) to the Mata Hari (a veil, get it?, of sheer delight that also strengthens nails & extends polish) to the Madame Tussaud’s (a slathering of paraffin), Miller’s wrt and humour are sure to attract curious customers.

Honourable mention

Salon: Berni’s TLC in DeMotte, Ind.

Owner: Berni Kocan

What our judges had to say: Although not as pricey-looking as some of the other salon menus, Berni’s TLC menu effectively conveys its intended Caribbean theme. The tri-fold menu is chock-full of cute service names such as the Bahama Mama Manicure, the Macho Miami Manicure, and the Little Lucia. An added benefit to clients is the Maximum Home Maintenance Care regime.

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