Many nail professionals say one of the main reasons they attend trade shows is to stock up on products. They love that they have so many different companies to choose from. But how much does it really pay to attend a show? Do nail professionals find good deals or are they better off simply ordering what they need from their distributor or straight from the manufacturer? Three beauty industry professionals — a salon owner, a manufacturer, and a nail technician — tell us what they think. 

Zvi Ryzman, President, American International Industries, Los Angeles

Yes, paying the cost of admission is definitely worth it. If you buy $200 worth of product that is actually worth $250, you have automatically saved more than the cost of the ticket.

Zvi Ryzman

Zvi Ryzman

And really, it is not about the money but about something valuable — what you gain in knowledge and experience. At trade shows, you learn so much about your industry and you can meet many people interested in the same things that fire you up and inspire you.

It does seem as if there are not as many new products at shows, so nail professionals don’t find it interesting to attend. The industry needs to get them excited about attending trade shows and make it worth their while — and the cost of admission.

Saverne Smith, Nails by Saverne, Los Angeles

Yes, it’s worth it. Even if you don’t get a discount at the show, sometimes manufacturers offer coupons for you to get discounts later.  Some beauty suppliers have deep discount booths at shows, which offer great deals. You can stock up on certain products for just a few dollars. Even if it’s not the biggest discount you were expecting, some discount is better than none. It all adds up. My main purpose for going to shows is to find good discounts and to meet other nail technicians. Attending shows can help you develop a network of other beauty professionals to talk to. It’s getting to the point where I’m getting more of what I need at shows because of the networking.

Trena Martin, Studio 24 Salon/Spa, Portage, Mich.

Trena Martin

Trena Martin

Trade shows are a great place to save a few dollars. Many manufacturers have buy-one get-  ne-free or buy-one-get-one-half-off deals on essentials, such as nail tools and brushes. Many manufacturers offer a percentage off most products as well.

The savvy nail tech or salon owner buys in bulk at shows to take full advantage of these discounts. In addition to these savings, sometimes the sales tax is included in the price, and you’re saving on shipping costs.

Where I live, even if you purchase at a beauty supplier, there is a stocking fee (shipping cost for the store), so there is no getting around those shipping costs. Also, there are great incentives such as freebies you can only get at a trade show. And who doesn’t love a freebie?  

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