Last year Svetlana Klubkova from the Russian edition of NAILS came into our Torrance, Calif., office to meet with us.  Since the Russian edition of NAILS is its own entity, they produce their own magazine, including their own cover shoots. When Svetlanta was here, we talked about the possibility of picking one cover to use for both magazines in the same month. This month’s cover is the product of that idea. Svetlana’s team in Russia put out a call for Russian nail techs to send examples of some of their best work that would be ideal for brides. They narrowed the entries down to 10 and sent them to the team here at NAILS. We selected Irina Krytik’s beautiful spin on the classic pink-and-white look. The St. Petersburg nail tech traveled to Moscow for the cover shoot and Svetlana (who is beautiful, as you can see) was the model. “We wanted the nails to be appealing to women all over the world,” says Svetlana. “We wanted women to look at the nails and say, ‘I want to wear these nails for my wedding.’”

The Russian NAILS team did a great job putting the photo shoot together and they shot several variations for us to choose from. Ultimately, we decided we liked the close up of the bride sipping on champagne.

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