Electric nail file machines come in all shapes and sizes (not to mention colors and maximum RPM). With all these options, the possibilities can be overwhelming.  To help you find your ideal file, we've rounded up a variety of machines and highlighted specifications of interest: from ergonomic handpieces to volt-change capabilities to battery operation.


NAILS ON THE GO - Ram Products' Microcad (above) was created with the mobile tech in mind. The control box is small; the system runs on either AC power or a rechargeable battery that lasts for five to seven hours between charges.   


SMALL AND SIMPLE - The Lasco Diamond Products Micro Deluxe Nail Machine is as simple as it gets when it comes to electric nail files.  The tiny control box won't take up much room on a manicure table, and there aren't too many buttons or options to overwhelm a user. For those who still are unsure about operating the machine, Lasco offers a video that is available on request.


KUPA LIGHTS UP YOUR LIFE - The KP-3000 is one of Kupa's top-of-the-line electric nail filing systems. A feature that sets it apart from many other models is its illuminated speed indicator. It also comes standard with the KP-36 handpiece, the company's ergonomically designed model. The KP-3000 is available in purple or white and as a 110-volt or 220-volt model. 

TAKING YOUR TOOLS TO NEW PLACES - Offering many of the same features as other electric nail files, the Vogue (6000) from Belair Mfg. Corp. offers one more twist. Instead of choosing between a 110-volt or 220-volt model, you can purchase the Vogue and take it from country to country, without worrying about voltage.


GENIE IN A MACHINE - The Nail Genie Professional by Sunjeen is a simple, lightweight machine made for manicures and pedicures. The white plastic bottle-shaped handpiece holds bits made especially for the Nail Genie.


DIGITAL GET DOWN - The digital display of Medicool's Nail Pro 2000 is the first thing techs and clients will notice about the system. Although users still vary the speed from a dial on the control box, the display shows what speed you're operating at. With this machine, the nail tech looks high-tech.


BE A QUICK-CHANGE ARTIST - With the touch of a button, the handpiece of the PNI25 releases the 3/32" shank bits. PNI's electric nail file comes in gray and silver as a 110-volt model.




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