Rejuvenation is the very principle upon which the salon itself is based. Next to the word “pampering” it’s probably the word most often used to describe the salon experience. The salon provides a haven for ejuvenation to take place. A dip in your healing waters can help a client go from sluggish to sensational. Your special touch can turn a client’s bad day into a good one. Rejuvenating clients is your bread and butter, but how do you do it for yourself? How do you personally stay invigorated? If you’re in a rut, how do you break out? If you’re not in a rut, but you’ve seen sales plateau or your energy flag earlier and earlier in the day, what are ways to boost performance? How do you maintain the attitude that allows the salon to remain the sanctuary it was meant to be?

That’s what this issue is all about: how to rejuvenate you, jump-start your career, or break out of a rut. There are little ruts (maybe you need some inspiring decorating ideas) and big ones (maybe competitive challenges have you considering a career change) and we have road maps to navigate out of both.

For this special issue, we consulted with all sorts of experts: salon experts, career coaches, life coaches, and even psychotherapists. We have assembled loads of specific ideas to get the juices going, everything from photos of gorgeous salons to start you dreaming about design, to outlines of signature services you might consider for your own salon menu. Frequent updating of your salon menu is one of the best ways to stave off boredom. And it doesn’t take much work. Brainstorming sessions can help your entire team become motivated and excited about the salon all over again.

We’ve included several worksheets to guide you on this journey forward, helping you determine — or redetermine — who it is you want to be and what kind of salon you want to be associated with. Looking at yourself with fresh eyes — from the client’s perspective or from your staff’s perspective — will help you determine where you will go from this point forward.

Equally important to the jump-start, we wanted to provide you with ideas on keeping the momentum going. Often we start off great on any new beginning only to lose motivation. Read our suggestions from various industry experts on ways to do that: have regular meetings, communicate regularly with teams, celebrate successes, and remember to rest and take breaks from it all. Finally, read Ann Mincey’s “10 Ways to Stay Resilient in the Midst of Everything.” As we all know, it’s in the attitude that ruts begin and end. Hang onto this issue and use it whenever you need a jump-start.

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