1. REMIND YOURSELF ’TIS THE SEASON — FOR CASH AND CLIENTS. “As salon professionals we need to resign to the fact that this is the time of year where we can really make a lot of extra cash and be thankful for the opportunity,” says Millie Haynam, owner of Natural Beauty Salon in Twinsburg, Ohio. “I try and look at it as a positive time to build further loyalty and relationships with my clients.”

2. OFFER THE GOODIES YOU GET TO OTHERS. Sharing makes everyone feel better, and eating all those sweets will only cause you to feel sluggish. You’ll get lots of edible gifts from friends, family, and clients, but make sure to open up that cookie tin to everyone else!

3. DON’T BE AFRAID OF HIRING HELP. Christine Turner of New Westminster, B.C., Canada, says, “Sometimes, we would try to hire a skilled nail technician for part-time and on-call work to fill up any voids, but we also encouraged our current staff to do their best to work all hours possible. We also hired ‘floaters’ to lighten the load.” Floater duties included doing laundry, helping reception, and cleaning, disinfecting, and resetting the nail and pedicure stations between clients.

4. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOURSELF. Although lunch and after-work hours are usually your busiest time, don’t neglect time for yourself — to eat or just get away.“Normally I will take a late lunch or snack in between clients, but during the holidays I do mark out a lunch time to get out of the salon and get fresh air,” says Amy Abbott of Perfect Ten Nail Salon in Worland,Wyo.

5. FINISH UP YOUR SHOPPING WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS STARTING. “I start the season by taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off and going shopping with my cousins all day!” says Faith Glionna, owner of Cuticles Salon  in Indiatlantic, Fla. “I try to shop all year for gifts and finish it all up this day! ”You can still avoid fighting the crowds by getting gift cards, buying online, or giving gifts from the salon.

6. END A STRESSFUL DAY WITH SOMETHING PHYSICAL. Even if you’re not a star athlete, physical activity keeps stress from festering. Find some local batting cages and hit baseballs or softballs for 15 minutes. Lace up some ice skates and hit the rink with friends or family. Just find something physical that you like — it will definitely help release some of your holiday tension.

7. REMEMBER THE HISTORY OF THE HOLIDAYS. “I focus on the true meaning of the holidays, on love for one another and for peace and family,” says Patricia Yankee Williams, owner of Pattie’s Place in Baldwin, N.Y.

8. BE A KID AGAIN. If it snows, make a snow angel or build your own Frosty. Have a mailbox to the North Pole that clients can drop their wishes in while they wait. Hang up stockings in the salon and watch the cheesy winter specials on TV. It’s hard not to appreciate the month of December when you think like a little one.

9. PARTY PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. “We try to have our holiday party after the holidays; more like a ‘We Survived’ party!” says Haynam. “This way we don’t have to try and schedule yet another party in this hectic time of year.”

10. TAKE A TRIP. Plan a trip for after the holiday rush. You’ll have the extra money from the holiday season, and business will slow down after the new year. January is a great time to get away, and your slower schedule can allow for it!

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