Entity Nail Couture, a new line of nail care products from well-known nail technicians Tom Bachik and Tom Holcomb, made its industry debut at the International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach, Calif. Touting the new line as a “revolution,” the Toms (as I like to refer to them) say they are bringing the nail industry back into the hands of nail technicians.


I sat down for one-on-two, if you will, with the two creative directors to dig a little deeper into what starting this company means to them.

Hannah Lee: Why did you decide to team up and start Entity?

Tom Bachik: We wanted to give back to the nail techs and our industry. Inspired by nail technicians who work in the salon all day, every day our goal is to give techs the tools, training, and inspiration to build their skills and their business. To turn what some people consider a part-time job into a full blown career.

Tom Holcomb: It’s just so great to hear, “I took your class and you changed my life.” It inspires us that we can change someone’s life and we want to be able to empower and inspire more people.

HL: When did you first start thinking about teaming up?

TB: We thought we could do more to make change if we came up with a new line together. We worked back and forth with each other’s products to see what we liked best. The crazy thing is we found a lot of the products we were each creating individually were actually very similar.

HL: So why your own line?

TB: Well, both of us have been competing against each other and helping create products for manufacturers for a long time. We felt we could benefit the industry more by combining our knowledge and skills to create a single line. Now, without the barriers, we can create exactly the products and education we want with the nail tech top of mind.

TH: We wanted to create something the nail tech can believe in. This line is for and by nail techs. It’s about everyday salon technicians bettering themselves, and in turn, bettering the industry.

HL: What is the Entity line best suited for?

TH: We use the most innovative science and manufacturing processes currently available. It has the easiest workability. It’s not too fast and not too slow.

TB: We wanted a product that could cover the spectrum of users. We designed the product to be workable enough for competition but more importantly durable enough for the salon. It works on both levels.

HL: How was your first show?

TB: It was incredible. The response has been amazing. It really is exciting to turn a dream into reality.

HL: How can nail techs find out more about Entity?

TH: In the United States, we are planning on selling direct to the customer via our website, www.entitybeauty.com, or by calling (866) 288-4600. Internationally, we will be working with distributors and selling direct as well.

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