This month’s issue is about getting back to basics, so we thought it was appropriate to ask three nail professionals - a salon owner, a booth renter, and an employee - what “back to basic” means to them and what area they could improve in.

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Nails at the Carriage House,

Newmantown, Pa.

I am always looking for ways to be more efficient at filing and shaping. Whenever I see an article on this subject I make sure to read it. I look for ways to improve on my time and skills I am alone in my salon, so there is no one to network with, which I sometimes miss.

I wish there was a nails-only show in my area. Also, I wish that the big trade shows had non-product-specific classes for nail techniques. A lot of classes I take are for a specific product and might touch on this area, but they mostly deal with a company’s product. There is always room for improvement no matter how long you’ve been doing nails.



Heaven & Earth Salon & Spa.

Postville, Pa.

Getting back to basic means fine-tuning the skills I initially brought to the table when I entered this field, such as customer service and the ability to determine which service and is right for the client by listening to her challenges.

One basic thing I would like to work on is my timing. It is a goal of mine to get a fill down to 30 minutes. It may sound farfetched, but I’m getting closer to that goal.

I also need to work on self-control if a client came in with a challenge, I wouldn’t let it go until the challenge was eliminated, despite the time factor it has gotten me in trouble many times, but it’s also provided many return clients.



Tara’s Beauty Salon

Lisbon, Ohio

For me getting back to basic means advertising again and running specials I’ve gotten so caught up in being busy with my regular clients that I’ve forgotten to bring in more. I do get new ones every now and again, which adds to my regular clientele.

As in the beginning, when I first started my business, I should run specials for prom and many other school dances along with seasonal specials. A little more business wouldn’t hurt!

I’m a booth renter in a hair salon and if I were to draw in younger girls from school (or even girls out of school) the hairstylist would also get more business. It wouldn’t hurt to get more traffic coming through.

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