We learn in kindergarten to wash our hands and keep our things clean. Cleaning your implements is the ultimate “back to basics” step you can take, and it is reassuring to clients and coworkers alike. Each state in the union has its own egulations regarding specifically how metal (non-porous) implements are to be cleaned or disinfected.

While the rules don’t vary substantially from state, there are nuances that you need to be aware of. One thing that was revealed in developing this chart (downloadable here as a PDF) was the lack of specific information available from some states and the confusing use of industry terms (for example,many state boards still use the words “sanitation” and “disinfection” interchangeably).

The information in this chart was compiled by a combination of direct input from state boards and searching through the rules and regulations online for each of the boards.When a state did not provide specific regulations, we’ve left the area blank. If your state has no guidelines, we recommend that you follow the Salon Safety Guidelines for Nail Technicians that we have published in the NAILS Big Book.


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