How to Use Kupa Bits for Backfills

by Kupa Inc. | April 1, 2005

Kupa Inc., a leading manufacturer of electric files and carbide bits, has created a new bit that bakes backfilling easier and faster. This custom one-of-a-kind design comes in K Cut (Silver) and Z Coat, which is a gold-plated finish. The barrel carbide bit is wider at the top, allowing the technician precision cutting with less pressure.

1. After prepping the nail with the VP Safety bit, use a carbide barrel bit at an angle and thin all 10 tips so your cutting will be easier.

2. With the inverted backfill bit at an angle, cut your smile lines using one full swiping motion from side to side.

3. Re-apply your white tip product.

4. Apply your pink or clear product to the base of the nail, meeting up with the fresh white you just applied.

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KUPA Introduces MANIPro Passport Plus

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KUPA Introduces MANIPro Passport Plus

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Professional Manicure Tool Kit


Professional Manicure Tool Kit


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