COUPLES SERVICES for those who are hitched create the perfect opportunity for the ladies to drag their men in for a manicure and pedicure. Offer manicure and pedicure services for the happy couples side by side, give them a little something to drink, and ask them how they met.

STUPID CUPID, MAKING ALL THE SINGLES SAD. Take the focus away from the happily hitched and give some attention to the swinging singles. Offer “Love Stinks” group parties. Serve finger-foods, wine, and sweet Play a selection of upbeat music or screen chick-flicks, but resist the temptation to sing “I Will Survive” into the Karaoke machine.

LOVE-THEMED RETAIL ITEMS ARE A GOOD BET IN FEBRUARY. Think candles, pocket-sized poetry books,

Specialty chocolates, perfume, massage lotions, flavored lip gloss, picture frames, and the like.

SPECIALTY SERVICES BUILT AROUND THE TRAPPINGS OF THE HOLIDAY are fun, seasonal additions to your menu, and Valentine’s Day gives you plenty to work with. Consider incorporating champagne, chocolate, honey, flowers, fresh fruit, and scented oils into your services.


Send clients home with postcards that no-so-subtly remind significant others of the holiday’s gift-giving obligations.

NAIL ART JUST DOESN’T GET CUTER THAN HEARTS AND BOWS AND ARROWS. Take advantage of the possibilities by preparing a variety of nail art options and dis-playing them in an enticing way-like sweet love-themed postcards or an a heart-shaped pillow. Black and white images of Paris (the city of Love) will make the pinks and reds of your Valentine Day designs pop.

NOW BREWING: LOVE POTION #9 AND HOUSE-SPECIAL SPANISH FLY. Stock up on scented oils in floral and musk scents and allow clients to customize their lotion fragrance. For an added treat, whip up their scent to-go and send them home with their own special concoction in a personalized container.

COAT THEM WITH SUGAR. A simple bowl of chocolate kisses or conversation hearts on your table will spread a little love in the salon. Just be careful that you don’t eat all the love and experience a little spread yourself.

PICK A CHARITY TO SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE CLIENTS TO “SHOW SOME LOVE.” For every client who makes a donation, create a red or pink construction paper heart with his or her name on it. Use these hearts to decorate the salon for the entire month. String them from wire or create a stained-glass look by sticking them on your storefront window.

DON’T FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF. Treat yourself to something special. Go for a long walk, get a massage, buy a nice bottle of wine, read a good book, call an old friend, or cook your favorite dinner.

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