Kaleidoscope Gel Paint from Young Nails is a nine-color collection made from the company’s Synergy Gel to give maximum coverage. The colors include Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Black, Brown, White, Crystal Glitter Mix, and Pearl Pigment Mix. Each kit contains a color wheel, mixing jars, dappen dish, painting knife, and mixing spatulas. Here, we show you how to custom-mix the gel to create a firecracker red shade.

1. Scoop out one part red. Use the lower third portion of the spatula to determine the correct amount.

2. Mix two parts red with one part orange to get an orangey red.

3. Mash the colors together thoroughly with the mixing knife.

4. Scrape up the color with the edge of the mixing knife. Deposit the gel in a mixing jar for later use.

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