How does Cindy Wentzel, owner of Nails at the Carriage House in Newmanstown, Pa., keep herself sane and her clients happy during the hectic holiday season? She steadfastly tends to her own physical well-being even as she nurtures clients’ spirits with holiday cheer. After five years as a salon owner and 12 as a nail tech, Cindy offers these holiday survival tips.

For the nail tech:

• When you don’t get to eat, your stress level skyrockets. I bring finger foods or protein bars to help my energy level.

• On your days off, try to do something for yourself, like shopping or visiting. I also like to burn candles to elevate my mood.

• Physical labor can relieve stress. Cleaning, walking, or any type of exercise helps.

• Get your rest. When insomnia hits, I read a magazine or book in bed. Even if I am very tense this always allows me to wind down.

For the clients:

• Play Christmas carols on CD or tune in a radio station that plays continual Christmas music.

• Keep holiday scents in the air with candles or aromatherapy.

• The holidays aren’t the time for unexpected add-on services. For instance, I make sure clients who want nail art let me know ahead of time so I don’t fall behind.

• If there is time, do a quick hand massage to relax the client. You can use a new scent to promote retail sales.

• Provide lots of retail options and gift certificates to help clients save time on their shopping time. Retail purchases put both you and your clients in a better mood.

• Keep cookies or some sort of treat available. Store-bought is OK to save time.

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