1. Polish the nails in a semi-transparent soft pink shade. Paint a lavender angled French free edge. Add two “S” stroke leaves and a flower stem.

2. Paint another angle below the lavender one with a darker color. Use curved strokes to form the iris.

3. Add five more strokes to create the bud and three more petals on the flower.

4. Add a stem; apply red dots to the base of the three petals created in Step 3.



1. Lightly dab on white paint with a sponge.

2. Polish the nails a semi-translucent white color. Add “S” stroke leaves in two different colors of green paint.

3. Use a pale pink shade for the iris and bud.

4. Float a deeper pink to show the separation between petals. Add three tiny curved strokes for petals. Add a yellow “V” to the front petal and some veins. Attach a stem to the bud and the flower, and then paint in two more leaves.



1. Polish nails a frosted purple. Stipple gold paint down the center. Paint four dark green “S” stroke leaves.

2. Using light blue paint, add the top petals of the two flowers.

3. Paint more leaves in a lighter green. Add three bottom dark purple petals to each iris.

4. Add veins to the flowers and leaves. Paint yellow beards on the iris, add red highlight to the leaves, and float in the shading on the petal and the leaves.


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