Accélawrap (by Backscratchers) was created to provide nail techs with an application process that is simple, fast, and delivers results that are extraordinary. Each product in the system was tailored to meet the needs of nail technicians. The Accelabond brush-on application allows for ease-of-use and quick application, while the aerosol dryer, Accelarator, is fast and provides a supersmooth finish.


1. Prepare the nails and apply tip (may be used on natural nails). Brush Accelabond over tip and nail. Spray with Accelarator, holding nozzle 4-5 inches away. Cut and file tips to desired length.


2. Apply Cuticle Fit Fiberglass or Silk wrap to nail. Trim at free edge. A stress strip may be added for extra support.


3. Apply a thin coat of Accelabond to saturate Cuticle Fit. Spray with Accelarator. Repeat, applying two more coats of Accelabond and Accelarator. Use a 600-grit file to smooth the surface and then buff to a high shine using a White and Gray buffer. Apply Nail Radiance to cuticle and underside of nail.


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