Andy Warhol once said “Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything.” For this month’s cover, we take his idea one step further and add: Polish is pop. Everything is polish. Inspired by Warhol’s famous “Campbell’s Soup Cans” silk-screened painting, we set up out to create our very own version of the pop art vision - with this fall’s polish colors, of course.

We enlisted Orange, calif.-based nail tech and international educator Elsbeth Schutz to do the nails for this month’s cover and polish preview. She had recently returned from a trip to New Zealand where she was educating for Orly International. (As busy as Elsbeth is,  she always finds time to come in when we need her polishing expertise.)

And this month, we didn’t make it easy on her, what with six polish changes (including three metallics, which I think it’s safe to say,w e all know are hard to apply perfectly.) she shaped and smooth our model’s natural nails before applying the various shades for each of the shots. During the shoot, she shared tips and secrets with our hand model.

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