An ad campaign has been running in NAILS for new subscribers that’s been causing quite a stir. Our “Sick of This?” campaign started a few months back with images of salon storefronts with signs advertising their deeply discounted prices. Our headline: “Sick of This? Fight Back With NAILS. Raise Your Education, Raise Your Prices” has riled some people. I’m delighted to hear that. Our intention was to get your attention, and to share a message that you’ve got to be constantly learning in order for your earning ability to grow.

Our philosophy here at NAILS is, and always has been, that earning ability for nail technicians is tied directly to knowledge. We’ve seen that nail technicians who pursue continuing education — whether in the form of taking classes, attending trade shows, networking with other nail technicians, or reading trade journals — earn more than their counterparts who do not. Nail techs who are not satisfied with what they learned in school have shown that they can command service prices that allow fair compensation to the salon, the nail tech, as well as profit that can be put back into the business.

Our intention with the ad was not, as some people have complained, to ridicule discount salons or point a finger at the Vietnamese salon market. Our intention was to ask our readers and potential readers: “Aren’t you tired of working in a business that doesn’t put a value on your time? Aren’t you sick of giving your best professional effort, working long hours, dealing with difficult clients, continuing your training, and still not being able to command a higher rate for your services?”

Next month’s ad will feature the same headline. But this time, we’re asking if you’re sick of work-related injuries (like carpal tunnel syndrome or allergies to your products). We know that if you read (or otherwise raise your education) you’ll learn there are many ways to avoid injury so you can pursue a long and rewarding career in nails. I’ve said it a hundred times before, and I’ll say it as long as I have this space to speak to you directly: Learn more = earn more. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


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