I give all my clients their own personal box and store all relevant tools and their information sheet in it. I used to keep them in a file box, but find it much easier to have the whole thing in one place. Nothing ever gets lost now, and everything is at hand for every appointment.  -- Mo Taylor, Start Nails, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I keep a video cabinet with a lock on it and in each video case I store implements and a client information card. On the spine of the video case I write the client’s name. It is a  great system - I never lose information and it is all in one place. My clients really like the confidentiality.--Debbie Howatt-Gallant, Abraca-Debra’s Hair/Nails, Prince Edward Island, Canada

I keep duplicate records of client phone numbers and address. One set is at home, and the other set is at the salon. This is just in case of a fire or some other disaster at either location.--Jill Wright, Angel’s Salon, Bowling Green, Ky.

I keep all my client information on my PDA. Whatever information I need is right at my fingertips, and I am the only one with access to it.--Keri Richards, Fingerprints Nail Salon, Oklahoma City, Okla.

I have a binder of client information that i put a safe place where I know no one will be. I always let my clients know that their information is confidential.--Michelle Smith, Nail Creation by Michelle, Raleigh, N.C.

All my clients fill out an information card. I then transfer the information to my Palm Pilot, out the card into a book, and lock the book in the salon safe.--Patti Fleenor, Talking Heads Salon, Hesperia, Calif.

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