Learn about — and leverage — the latest in specialty beauty ingredients and products to keep your salon’s competitive edge in the war against the ravages of stress, aging, environmental pollution, and life in general.

Taken your vitamins today? Vitamins, herbal formulations, and nutritional supplements are flying off the shelves as American consumers seek what they believe to be a more natural path to good health. Similarly, consumers are snapping up cosmetics and beauty treatments built around many of the same natural ingredients.

The real beauty of the trend is that there’s more than a grain of truth in the reputed benefits of nature’s bounty. Consider just these few: antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C, and E; skin-replenishing copper peptides; healing tea tree oil; skin-soothing lavender; stimulating eucalyptus; and cooling peppermint.

Product manufacturers continually seek out new product ingredients and innovate new product formulations in a never-ending quest for effective beauty enhancers. It doesn’t take long for word to get out—or for competing products and services to emerge—when hot new ingredients hit the market. Educated consumers want the latest and greatest ingredients to appear in their professional beauty regimen.

Get your salon in the game with a varied service menu that incorporates products containing ingredients and products consumers want. You’ll be doing them, and yourself, a great service.

We have just one caveat: Resist the temptation to mix your own blends without the necessary background and training. Many of these ingredients can be highly irritating and allergenic (not to mention ineffective) unless blended in the right proportion with “carrier” ingredients.


Moisturizes, softens, lightens, and rejuvenates, soothes irritations

Signature Service: Spa Manicure at A New Technique in Simi Valley, Calif., "We offer age-defying vitamin E, vitamin C, aloe vera, and other vital ingredients to pamper your hands and achieve a supple, glowing radiance. with special attention, a blend of luxury adn science, we pamper your hands and nails."


The AHA family includes glycolic acids (sugar cane extract) fruit acids (such as apple extract) citric acids (lemon and orange extracts), and lactic acids (mils) AHAs are gentle yet effective exfoliants that can reduce the appearance of line lines and wrinkles. Over the-counter AHA based products should contain 3%-5% AHA for effectiveness, professional concentrations should contain 5%-9% (higher concentration are restricted to licensed estheticians and dermatologists) use regularly for lasting effects.

Signature Service:  Citrus Scentsation Manicure at. The Brass Rose in Blairstown, NJ “The citrus oils used in this service contain antioxidant vitamins C and E, ceramides, and AHAs to refresh, hydrate, and plump your hands into a younger, healthier appearance” ($30) Custom GlycoliC Resurfacing Hand Treatment at The Galleria Salon & Wellness Spa in Laconia, NH “Radiant, soft hands can be yours. Glycolic resurfacing increases collagen production, blends and lightens hyperpigmentation (spots, uneven skin tone), and facilitates increased moisture retention. Your hands will look and feel soft, radiant and glowing. This treatment includes a manicure.”


Contains the antioxidant vitamins A, D, and E as well as sulphur and potassium emollient properties help protect against environmental stress. Penetrates upper layer of skin to regenerate skin cells and soften tissues, attributed with some natural sun-screening properties.

Signature Service TBK Hot Avocado Manicure at The Body Klinik in Philadelphia “A hot avocado cream bath and exfoliating treatment for the time-conscious” ($20)


Anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing on dry sensitive skin

Signature Service Vitamin E and Chamomile Mask at Natural Beauty Spa in East Hampton, NY “A nourishing mask to rid dry skin on the hands or feet” ($25)


Provides some wrinkle protection rebuilds. Skin’s protective barrier increases collagen and elastin; promotes circulation, activates removal of damaged skin proteins and scars, activates skin’s man antioxidant protein.

Signature Service Copper Peptide Hydrating Pedicure at the Matahari Spa in Beacon, NY “For warm, deep hydration.” ($65)


Moisturizes, soothes irritations

Signature Service: Cool Cucumber Comfort at the Spa Mandalay in Las Vegas “Pamper yourself with the cooling effects of cucumber extract. These treatmentS are great for calming ‘heavy’ or aching hands and feet. These soothing treatments include a relaxing soak an exfoliating scrub, a moisturizing mask, and a rich lotion application.” (Manicure $40; Pedicure, $70)

EUCALYPTUS Heals, stimulates, antiseptic

Signature Service: Foot Facial at Channing’s in Chicago “Your feet will never be the same after an herb and salt rub to remove dead skin a reflexology massage, and a cooling eucalyptus masque” ($40)


Emollient, antioxidant

Signature Service: Reconstruction Pedicure at The Brass Rose in Blairstown, NJ “Soak in a whirlpool bath of a special blend of sea salts and soothing essential oils. Then treat your feet to a thorough exfoliation, followed by a treatment with our specially formulated callus smoother made from mallow, grapeseed oil, and chamomile. Finally, we seal in the moisturizing treatment with a dip in paraffin and cover your feet in warm booties” ($60)


Antioxidant, soothers, moisturizes

Signature Service: Yamaguchi Tea Manicure at Spa Mystique in Century City, Calif “Our tea manicure is a beautifully calming treatment. A cleansing of the hands, followed by a soy enzyme mile, hydrating tea splash massage, paraffin dip, nail shaping, conditioning, and polish application”. ($70)


Analgesic; anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant

Signature Service: Callus Remover at Dzyns Hair Studio and Day Spa in West Winfield, N. Y. “This service is focused on removing calluses to bring back the beautiful natural state your skin was one in” ($15)


Antiseptic and antibacterial promotes healing of burns, infections, and wounds, promotes circulation when used as a soak, soothing when added to carrier oil or cream and applied as a rub for rheumatic ailments.

Signature Service: Deep Lavender Pedicure Treatment at The Spa at Doral Forrestal in Princeton, N. J. “After your feet have been exfoliated, let the aroma of the lavender take your stress away as our Lavender Mineral Bath baths your feet and leaches toxins from your system in preparation for the Deep Lavender Rub leg and foot massage. Your toenails are then prepped for shaping buffing and polishing. Be pampered as we dust your feet with High Cotton Body Dust and finish with a spritz of Rosewater & Glycerin Classic Water.” ($65)


Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory; soothes and tones blemished irritated skin cools and stimulates.

Signature Service: Peppermint Pedicure at FaceWorks Day Spa in Richmond, Va. “We start by soaking your feet in warm, peppermint-scented water to release tension. Then an exfoliating scrub is applied to remove dead skin cells and soften your feet. For a finishing touch, you are treated to a foot massage with natural peppermint crème that hydrates and energizes.” ($60)


Mechanical exfoliant usually blended with carrier oils and essential oils removes, dead skin cells and stimulates turnover of new skin cells

Signature Service: Salt Glow Manicure at The Face and The Body Day Spas in St. Luis “Sea salt provides a pampering hand and arm treatment.” ($28)


Moisturizes soothes, conditions

Signature Service: The Spa Pedicure at the Mist Spa in Scottsdale, Ariz. ‘“Enjoy the cooling effects of a marine masque while your feet are surrounded with steamed towels. Top it off with a luxurious foot and calf massage and your feet are sure to say thank you’” $65)


Antiseptic with antimicrobial and antifungal properties

Signature Service: Natural Pedicure at the Spa at Camino House in Camino, Calif: “A warm tea tree oil foot bath, gentle exfoliation to slough dry calluses, dipping, filing of nails, cleaning of cuticles, then a lower leg and foot massage. Feet are dipped into warm peach-scented paraffin and placed in cloth booties for deep hydration.” ($35)


Stimulates collagen production; antioxidant clarifies skin, evens skin tones and lightens age spots

Signature Service: Vitamin C Signature Manicure at Vito Mazza in Woodbridge, NJ “Beginning with a finger soak and toning treatment followed by a fan brush application of our vitamin C infusion treatment. Slide into warm mitts and enjoy the immediate improvement of your skin’s textures and clarity.” ($30)

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