I have advanced my career by advancing myself. I take master’s classes, try to be ahead in sanitation, and try to gain knowledge from magazines and other sources. My biggest selling points are sanitation and education.—Holly Schippers, The Hairport, Oskaloosa, Iowa

I’ve become an educator for two major nail companies. Through education I am able to encourage and teach other nail technicians the tricks and techniques of the trade. — Angela Green, Anointed Hands, Raytown, Mo.

I have advance my career by becoming more involved in it as a profession. I am a member of the Wisconsin Education Committee and the NCA. I communicate with other techs and we teach each other tricks and tips. I also attend our state board meetings to be aware of how our industry is changing. — Annette Sather, JC Penney, Madison, Wis.

I’ve taken many different classes and attended large and small trade shows over the years to keep up with the newest products and techniques. I’ve worked in other areas of the beauty industry in addition to finishing college and getting my business degree. I watch others in the business, learn from their mistakes, and absorb their good qualities to make me a better tech. — Jill S. Wright, Angels Salon, Bowling Green, Ky.

I keep myself and my clients educated. I attend classes, read trade magazines, and exchange ideas with other techs. — Deb Blowars, Artistic Trends Salon, Perkasie, Pa.

I read everything I can get my hands on about nails – professional magazines, the Web, and fashion magazines. If I have a question or problem I call the manufacturer of the product and ask. I take any class I can even if I don’t use the product because you never know what you might learn. I also practice on anyone who will sit still long enough. — Genie Webber, The Nail Room and Spa, Wetumpka, Ala.

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