Illustration by Chris Murphy

Illustration by Chris Murphy

When I am looking for new clients I do a “deal sheet.” We hand them out to everyone who walks in the shop and have our kids do neighborhood deliveries after school.

Holly Cliff

The Junction

Vancouver, British Columbia

I have a display table behind my nail station and a shelf at the end of my manicure table just within my clients’ reach. During their services they have no choice but to look at the new products I have offer.

Shanon Brown

Designer Nail

Tuolumne, Calif.

I put my e-mail address on everything. Clients love to get information through e-mail it seems that everyone has a computer these days. I also place menus outside the salon because people walk by and want information but don’t want someone pressuring them to come in and start booking.

Karol Singleton

Jacqueline’s Salon & Day Spa

Treasure Island, Fla.

I like to make my clients feel extra special. I send them cards on their birthdays and special holidays with a disciount coupon inside.

Annette L. Sather

Madison, Wis.

When I was trying to build up my clientele I gave my clients 50% off their next service for each client referral. Now that I’m pretty well booked up, I offer a free bottle of OPI polish for each new referral.

Jill St. Claire-Wright

Angel’s Salon

Bowling Green, Ky.

The best marketing strategy I’ve used is to be a good listener. Clients tell me their skin and nail problems and by paying attention I know what products to market them. They also give me information about other beauty-related products that interest them that I could carry in the salon

Barbara Lindberg

Oval Innovations Salon

London, Ontario

I do my own nails with simple nail art so that when someone says “Why does your nails?” I do,” then hand them a business card.

Gennie Webber

Wetumpka, Al.



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