Who: Alisha Rimando, international master artist and educator for EZ Flow.

What: NAILS December photo shoot, photographed by Caesar Lima

Where: Caesar Photo Studio, Calabasas, Calif. When: Monday, Sept. 24, 2001.

Why: To shoot the December cover of NAILS.

You are staying with who?: When Alisha, who has been doing nails for seven years, came out to do our shoot she stayed with NAILS’ cover veteran Tom Holcomb. He came with her and was delighted to relax for once at a nail shoot.

World traveller: Alisha sold her Dallas salon 2-1/2 years ago. She now travels the world, most recently to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. She has logged approximately 168,000 miles this year.

Out of the circuit: Her name has been missing from our Top 25 competitors list, but not for long. Alisha plans to begin competing again next year and hopes to follow in her fellow EZ Flow comrades’ footsteps — both Holcomb and Eriko Kurosaki have attained high rankings on that list. What’s up next? Beginning January 2002, Alisha will become Southwest regional education director for EZ Flow.

Gold Diggin’ Diva: Alisha sculpted thin acrylic nails on our cover model using EZ Flow Natural Powder. Nails, like our bodies, look thicker on film, and Alisha did a great job getting the nails extra thin. Once she achieved the desired shape, we played around with several different combinations of polish to get just the right gold. We ended up using Dripping in Gold over Gold Digger, both from China Glaze’s Gold Diggin’ Divas collection. The makeup artist followed suit with a monochromatic gold combination for the model’s makeup.

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