With the rising popularity of pedicure services, it’s only fitting to create an atmosphere that caters to the client. By fashioning a space that says comfort and quality, you’ll not only boast a unique atmosphere, you’ll build a loyal roster of pedicure clients. “You can easily boost pedicure sales by creating a private, luxurious space just for that service, and you can do it without building walls,” notes Tony Cuccio, Star Nail International and Cuccio Naturalé president (Valencia, Calif.). Follow these 10 tips from Cuccio on making your pedicure station pleasing.

  • Create privacy for clients by positioning Japanese screens between manicure and pedicure sections.
  • For greater privacy and to create curiosity from manicure clients, hang drapery from the ceiling to allow for a completely closed area.
  • Paint the walls a different color to create a totally different mood than the rest of the salon.
  • Make the service appear special by using different color towels from those used on manicure clients – perhaps ones that match the wall.
  • Add a sound machine that provides options such as running water, crashing waves, or rain.
  • Tantalize the nose with fresh flowers or use an aromatherapy machine.
  • Keep the overall lighting dim to evoke relaxation and use a small, bright light for the work area.
  • Neatly display nail polish close to clients so they can choose their color while soaking their feet – saving you from wasted service time.
  • Show clients you care for their health by offering brochures on foot care, which are available through medical organizations and doctors’ offices.
  • Design a separate space with two pedicure stations to promote a romantic service for couples complete with champagne or mother/daughter specials on Mother’s Day.

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