Recently, while I was visiting a day spa in California, I was told “Shhhh, be quiet.” It was odd, I can usually be as loud as I want in salons. Then it hit me. Day spas are a whole new salon experience. The atmosphere is the most important part of the experience!

So, what is a day spa? A day spa is where women can go to get away from the stress of everyday life to relax and pamper their minds and their bodies. And the nail business is changing for the better. There are more services being offered in hand and foot care.

Nail salons need to be more aware what’s happening in day spas right now. There are two differences between a salon and a spa: the philosophy and the products. A day spa’s business plan is to give the client a relaxing experience while receiving beauty care. I think what needs to change is the philosophy of the nail salon. They need to start turning into day spas because women today no longer want to just have a manicure or pedicure—they want to relax and they want to be able to have their services done at the same time.

Nail salons need to change the perceived value of their services. No longer can they just do nails. They need to be in the business of hand and foot care and of pampering women. It begins by changing the atmosphere of the salon and offering unique services. With the pace of life today, no wonder day spas are the fastest-growing part of our industry.

Tony Cuccio is CEO/president of Cuccio Naturale and Star Nail Products in Valencia, Calif.

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