Who says there are no guarantees in life? We surveyed a handful of techs to determine if there is an industry norm for guarantee on artificial nails. While the general trends seems to be two free repairs after two weeks of wear, every guarantee policy is a little different, as is the reasoning behind it. here’s what some of your colleagues are offering by way of guarantees and why:

Maggie Franklin, The Art of Nails, Visalia, Calif.: I no longer guarantee my work at all. When I changed to a-la-carte pricing, I started charging for each and every repair. I maintain that once the nails leave the ship, I’m no longer responsible for them.

Carly Hudson, Nails by Design, Westerville, Ohio.: I give a 24-hour guarantee. If anything happens after that, I know it is something the client has done to her nails because nay problems with the chemicals or polish would have been noticed within 24 hours.

Lynn Nguyen, Magic I Nails, Rochester, Minn.: We have a 72-hour unconditional guarantee and then a sliding scale for repairs. On days 4-6 after the service, we charge $3 per repair. After a week, we charge $4.95 for the first repair and $3 for each additional repair.

Sherry Storie-Russ, Nail Spa Professional Skin & Nail Systems, Mokena, Ill.: We guarantee both fills and full sets for five days since we feel any technical error should show up in that time. After that, repairs are $3.50 each, or $2.50 if the clients receives another service at the same time.

Dianna Bonn, Color Classiques, Muncie, Ind.: We offer a 10-day guarantee to all first-time clients for new full sets. We state that chewing them off does not count and that the client must let us know immediately that there is a problem. For fill-ins we offer two free repairs.

Amy Anzlovar, Nails et al., Aurora, Colo.: I will fix two nails free of charge at a regularly scheduled two-week appointment provided that the original work was done by me. Additional repairs are $2 up to four total (including the two free ones), and more than four repairs is priced at a full set.

Faith Glionna, Cuticles, Indialantic, Fla.: We guarantee our full sets for two weeks against breakage and do all repairs free. This gives new clients confidence in our work and sets us apart from discount salons.


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