To mark its 25th anniversary, Orly International debuted a new trade show booth at BBSI. Coinciding with BBSI were the introduction of two new product lines, dada, a nail polish collection designed to help salons compete for retail dollars spent on high-end department store brands, and a biosolutions pedicure line. Dada will be available only through beauty supply stores. NAILS sat down with Orly owner and CEO Jeff Pink to talk about the company's 25 years in the beauty industry.

NAILS: At BBSI, Orly launched several new products to expand the biosolutions division. Tell us about that.

JEFF PINK: This line is not just about nails; it also includes foot care, body care, and hand care. These are services that we need to teach manicurists how to use and sell. For instance, there are nine new pedicure products for the full pedicure experience.

NAILS: What about the new nail polish line, dada?

PINK: What's unique about dada is that it offers professional manicurists a line of trendy colors that usually cannot be found in a regular line such as Orly. What's unique about dada is that all 48 colors are unique and trendy. It's a new statement in the professional trade.

NAILS: After semi-retirement, why did you decide to come back?

PINK: About six years ago, I decide to step aside and go into semi-retirement, which I didn't like. So, I decided to come back to the company a year ago. I came back with a lot of energy and excitement and most importantly, I made a decision to support the professional distributors heavily with education, participation in distributor shows, and a better focus on the professional level.

NAILS: Other than the French manicure, what else would you like Orly to be known for?

PINK: There are two major products, which I believe changed the industry in terms of moving into natural nail care. We were the first to introduce a nail mender with nylon fibers, which was the first nail strengthener without using artificial enhancements. (Later we changed it to silk fibers.) It was Orly's first hit as far as a nail strengthener. The second product that's most important is Ridgefiller.

NAILS: Where do you see the industry headed?

PINK: I believe that technology has enabled us to develop products that accelerate the growth of nails naturally. That will probably continue to grow and put an emphasis on natural nail car. Twenty five years ago, we didn't have that sort of technology and that's why artificial enhancements became so popular. Today, every woman can grow strong natural nails.

NAILS: Do you have a message for professional nail techs?

PINK:  I'd like to thank the professional industry for helping make all of this happen. More importantly, I do feel that there is a lot more room to grow in the professional trade. We're really going to focus on education in the coming years, to help manicurists promote services and generate income.

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