La Shaun Brown-Glenn, who did the nails on this month’s cover, has enjoyed this year after being named Nail Technician of the year for 1999-2000. “It was an honor and a privilege to be named Nail Technician of the Year,” says La Shaun. “Especially, since my goal was to just get the entry in.

“The funny thing is that it was not until after I received the honor that I realized how much weight it carried,” she continues. “It is nice to go to shows and have people recognize and congratulate me. I feel like all of my years of hard work and continued education finally paid off.”

La Shaun has been doing nails for 12 years and is the president of Nails Naturally nail spa in Chicago. In addition to being a nail technician and salon owner, she is also an educator for Creative Nail Design as well as a member of the nail product manufacturer’s international team. She recently got back from a trip to Hong Kong where she conducted a Creative Institute.

Since being named Nail Technician of the Year, La Shaun has received quite a few requests from manufacturers offering positions with their companies. “It has been nice and tempting. I think that I would still have made advancements at Creative whether I was Nail Tech of the Year or not, but I do feel that it made them take another look at me and see all of my hard work and dedication,” says La Shaun. There is even a possibility that she will sign on with an agent in New York to work on films, magazines, and other high-profile work.

And it is not only the business aspect of the industry where she has made gains. “I have made a lot of new friends and acquaintances through my new status as well.

“What I like most is that is has opened more doors for me to go out into the community and motivate children at schools and in after school programs. I have also had the opportunity to work with The Boys and Girls Club of America’s Office of Employment Services Programs for individuals ages 16-49.”

La Shaun, who was recently nominated for Today’s Chicago Women, 100 Women Making A difference, performed a manicure on this month’s cover model. She then applied Creative’s Formation Tips with Gelbond and overlayed with Creative’s Retention + and Perfect Color Powder. She polished the nails with Misa’s Raspberry Sauce and achieved the super-matte finish with Orly’s Satin Seal Satin Matte top coat.

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