We knew that we would get great nails for this month’s cover when Alisha Sale signed up as the cover tech. As last year’s top-ranked competitor, Alisha’s pink-and-whites were always showstoppers, and this time was no exception.

The 27-year –old nail tech has been doing nails for six years, but only began competing seriously last year. After coming in first her first full year of competing, Alisha is not slowing down. “I am hoping to get to at least 10 shows this year to compete,” says the Green Island, N.Y.-based nail tech. Alisha competes on the Odyssey Nail Systems (Longwood, Fla.) team, which also includes company owner and top competitor Trang Nguyen.

On this month’s cover model Alisha used Odyssey acrylics (Competition Pink and Competition White) and buffed the nails to a high shine before applying the Diamond Bindi (Santa Mocica, Calif.) nail bindis.

“One of my highlights of competing was when some-one saw some nails that I had done and said ‘Wow, those nails look just like the ones in the magazine,” she says. “I was just so excited.” Well Alisha, now your nails are the ones in the magazine!


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