illustration/chris murphy

illustration/chris murphy

I don't charge my clients for a repair during fills, or even when they happen to have a broken nail in between fills. I am confident enough with the products I use and the quality of my work that I won’t have many repairs. --Stacy Pencak, V Salon, Livonia, Mich.

I offer free repairs to my loyal clients who schedule their appointments every two weeks. The customer who doesn’t reschedule and waits three or four weeks to come in is charged. There’s a sign above the door at one of my favorite stores that has some truth in it, “Lack of planning on your part is not considered an emergency on my part.” --Kris Frisberg, Kristina’s Nail Garden, Kelso, Wash.

I charge $3 for the first repair and up to $5 for three repairs. I cannot see charging more than that because I’m not filling in 10 nails. However, repairs are included with pink-and-white backfills. --Casey Clark, Nails by Casey, Ocala, Fla.

I don’t charge extra when it happens once in a while with a regular customer. On the other hand, some clients come in for fills but do not follow my advice. In that case, I charge them extra for repairs.--Irmgard Luyucks, Holzminden, Germany

It really depends on the client. I have it posted that I charge $3 per repair, but I also allow two repairs at no charge when I’m doing a fill. If I have a real picker or chewer, I do charge for the repair. Clients tend not to pick so readily when they are paying for it. --Kerri Richards, Final Cut Salon, Oklahoma City

I do not charge extra for repairs or special polish applications because the cost of a fill is somewhat on the higher end. My clients are allowed up to four nail repairs with each service, but that usually doesn’t occur.--Karen Norris, Eli’s & Company, Columbia, S.C.

We usually don’t charge because clients should not be coming in with that many repairs if they are on a bi-monthly schedule. If it does happen, we try to analyze how and why their nails did not hold up and try to give them a solution.--Cathy Marrone, Cut-N-Loose, Little Falls, N.J.

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