[Photo 1] At Currie Hair-Skm-Natls in GJen Mills, Pa., the salon staff looks professional and color-coordinated in black, white, or a combination of the two, “We Beaded on a color scheme as opposed to uniforms so everyone can express her individual style. Often times that’s what draws a client toward a particular technician in the first place,” says owner Randy Currie. Currie offers polish, makeup, and hair supplies at cost to employees to encourage everyone to maintain a finished appearance.

[Photo 2] The owners of Beverly Hills’ Hands On salon wanted to recreate the com­fortable relaxed atmosphere of a California beach house. The dress code is informal: khaki slacks, white shirts, silver aprons, and white shoes.

[Photo 3] With more clients voicing concerns about salon sanitation, lab coats are an obvious way to signal a salon’s commitment to their clients’ good health. Lab coats give the staff of The Perfect Ten Nail & Tanning Salon in Pittsburgh, Fa., a more “clinical” look.

[Photo 4] Brenda Whistler, owner of Brenda’s A Perfect “10” Nail Salon in Mansfield, Ohio, understands that some days you just don’t feel like dressing up. On those days, techs can cover up casual wear, like shorts, with these green smocks. Dark green was selected to match the salon decor.

[Photo 5] Since the award-winning Finger’s Nail Studios team posed for this photo in 1997, owner Shari Finger has added a twist dark purple smocks for senior techs, lighter purple for junior techs., Under the smocks, nice leans are allowed, but sweats and tennis shoes are out. “Actually, I worry more about their hair, nails, and makeup Wearing our private label polish is a must,” says Finger.

[Photo 6] After trying many apparel options, Tina Scherer, owner of Tina Marie Nail Salon in Rochester, N. Y, settled on these pinkish purple T-shirts with khakis for summer and button-down long-sleeved shirts for winter. “Besides giving us a professional look, I like the uniformity. Clients feel they can switch between techs and receive the same service. It’s popular with the techs too. This way they don’t run the risk of ruining their own clothes with products and chemicals,” says Scherer.

[Photo 7] At the suggestion of one of the nail techs, Peggy Hatter, owner Mad Hatter’s Impress-ns in Manassas, Va., recently made lab coats required dress for nail techs, massage therapists, and estheticians. The stylish three-quarter-length coats display the salon’s logo beneath a pin with the tech’s name. “It sets us apart,” says Hatter.

[Photo 8] At Profiles Nail Gallery in Cape Coral Fla., Saturday is “dress-down” day. Owners Ami McClure and Traci Dungan provide black T-shirts to wear with jeans. The rest of the week it’s strictly skirts and panty hose. “They complain about that, but they do it,” says Dungan.

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