Mary Kennebeck

Mary Kennebeck

Mary Kennebeck is nothing if not solution-minded. She’s the original “can-do” gal. Once, when she was on the road giving a state presentation at a trade show for Creative Nail Design (she’s done just about every job this industry has to offer) her two temporary caps came off her front teeth (the caps were a result of a childhood injury). Horrified at the idea of making a presentation snaggle-toothed, she considered her options: make the presentation and barley move her lips so the broken teeth wouldn’t show, cancel the presentation, or fix the teeth herself. She chose fixing the teeth herself.

She went to her bag of supplies, pulled out solarnial powder (after all, she reasoned, the product was originally designed by a dentist), and began sculpting over the temporary caps. “I used a CND honey tip brush and a 2:1 liquid to powder ratio. Then I buffed it ever so gently with a koala buffer, and finished with a 3-way buffer. If I do say so myself, it looked pretty darned good,” says Kennebeck. She did her presentation and no one was the wiser. When she got home, she immediately saw her real dentist, who commended her on the job she did. (Naturally, Solarnail and other nail enhancement products are NOT recommended for use anywhere but the fingernails. Don’t try this at home!)

Mary has given up amateur dentistry and is now running her own company. After 25 years in the nail industry, she’s ventured out on her own with a company called etcetera unlimited.

The word etcetera has a double meaning: Besides meaning she handles a variety of functions, ETC stands for Excellence Through Customization. Kennebeck and associate Mary Pertile provide customized promotional solutions to beauty industry companies—everything from imprinted retail bags to promotional products to marketing ideas. For more information on etcetera unlimited, contact the company at (815) 675-3382 or e-mail etc 3382

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