Salon owner Melissa Halasey gathered a group of nail technicians interested in educating the public about MMA use and even got the local news media involved

When discount salons started popping up in her area, Melissa Halasey, the owner of Attitudes Salon in San Luis Obispo, Calif., started to worry about MMA use and called upon her fellow technicians for help. “My friend Carolyn Elliott, a nail technician at Anna’s Specialty. Salon in San Luis Obispo, and I put together a flier announcing a meeting open to salon professionals about MMA, which was distributed through our nail rep. About 10 nail techs showed up and we all decided that if new clients came in and thought they had MMA on their nails, we would remove it for free.” Halasey even contacted a local news station about doing a story on MMA. “The health reporter thought it would be a good ‘consumer beware’ article. The story appeared four times on the local news a great response. A manicurist nearby called me and said she received seven calls from various women who were suspicious that MMA had been applied on their nails and wanted her to remove it.”

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