It was over lunch that Nancy Waspi and Stuart Williamson of Nail Tek came up with their latest brainstorm: Foundation. “After many years, I had my acrylics removed and I was telling Stuart that I had to go through so many steps to keep my natural nails looking presentable: a ridge filler, a strengthener, two coats of polish and then top coat,” Waspi explain. “I asked him. ‘Why doesn’t anyone make a ridge filler and strengthener combined to cut out one of the steps?’ and we looked at each other and said, “Why don’t we?’ We knew we’d come up with a great idea to save time during services for nail technicians.” Nail Tek put it most popular nail strengthener, II into its ridge filler recipe and the result was Foundation.

To use Foundation, nail technicians apply one coat to the bare nail surface and let it dry to a dull matte finish. When it is dry, Foundation will still feel tacky, which helps polish wear longer on the nails, says Waspi. Then if the client ‘wants to wear color, apply two coats of polish and then a top coat, if she prefers a natural look, apply the appropriate NailTek Strengthener (I, II, III or Extra) over Foundation for extra fortifying and shine. Foundation is also recommended for clients who are growing their acrylics out. “The key is keep the nails trimmed short so that they don’t lift or become too heavy at the ends and break,” Waspi advises, use Foundation to fill in the area of natural nail growth.”

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