Terri Lancaster, owner of Nails by Design in Kent, Wash., says she has a “very firm” personality. One thing she’s very firm about is her salon’s no-pick policy. Well, she can’t exactly stop clients from picking, but she can enforce her pricing policy vigilantly and without exception. “I tell new clients on the phone that I guarantee my work. Then when they come into the salon I explain that I guarantee my work, but I’m not responsible for any damage they inflict on their nails themselves.” If a client loses a nail due to picking or any other harmful activity she’ll have to pay, says Lancaster. To replace a nail she charges $3 above and beyond the price of the fill.

I offer no apologies for the charges—no hemming or hawing. If they say they haven’t picked, I smile sweetly and say that ‘abnormal’ damage to the nail regardless of how it happened isn’t guaranteed. The sweet smile disarms then every time,” she says.

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