Since there is no smoking allowed in the building, there is no smoking in the salon. Clients have to go outside to smoke, which can get cold in the wintertime. My salon is an aromatherapy salon, so clients like to smell the gardenia and roses, not cigarette smoke. However, in my personal opinion, there should be an area where people can smoke in any building. I think it’s against the U.S. Constitution and our nights to not allow this.

Mary DiZazzo

Mary For Nails

Andover, Mass.

We don’t allow smoking, but I’m surprised that no one has ever tried to smoke in the salon. I think because we have created such a beautiful atmosphere, clients would never try to smoke inside. I guess it’s also obvious ifs not allowed because there aren’t any ashtrays, but we don’t have a sign that says “No Smoking.” I do know that we have clients who smoke because I have watched them from my window take the last puff in their car and then go through withdrawals until their appointment is over. Then they rush out to their car and light up as they’re pulling away.

Becky Moore

Just Nails

Erlanger, Ky.

I work in a business building, which has a no-smoking policy. Years ago, when you could smoke inside the salon, I still didn’t allow it because my salon is so small that the cigarette smoke would be overwhelming. I only lost one client because of my policy.

Sherri Evans

Get Nailed by Sherri

Yuma, Ariz.

As a nail technician, I feel that if my client can’t go without a cigarette during her 30-45-minute service, then that’s not good. To accommodate clients who smoke, they are welcome to use our break room, which has a smoke/air purifier. This way, we don’t go home smelling of smoke and the salon stays cleaner, whiter, and brighter.

Kelly McNair

Kiki & Co.

Toledo, Ohio

We definitely have no smoking in the salon, but we provide an outside patio area with lawn furniture where clients can smoke.

Sheila Lumsden

Hair Success Salon and Day Spa

Moorhead, Minn.

A salon is a public place and in our state there is no smoking in a public building, so unless you work out of your home, put it out. You shouldn’t insult non-smoking clients for the benefit of those who do smoke.

Lon Madewell

Bay Area Beach Club

Tampa, Fla.

We have a no-smoking policy in the salon, so clients and nail technicians have to go outside to smoke. After smoking, we like the nail technicians to freshen their breath and disinfect their hands. We’ve only had a couple of clients who have complained. We explain that we work with flammable chemicals, so it’s for their own safety as well as ours.

Lynne Gallo

Salon Escada

Marlton, N.J.

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