If you have a client who either can’t or won’t wear enhancements, but insists on lovely long nails, why not try the old- fashioned art of paper wraps? This technique, which used to be known as a “juliette” manicure, works well on clients with oily nail beds. The client comes in every two weeks for a manicure and has paper wraps applied before the polish. First, saturate the paper with base or top coat, then flip it onto the nail with a cuticle pusher The polish stays on for a full two weeks, and the client has the satisfaction of growing her own healthy natural nails.

I use paper from a company called Yellow Bird (Lake Havasu, Ariz.) that is precut, preshaped, sized, and scored. Although it only adds 15 minutes to the length of the service, the price should be doubled. If a manicure is $12, then a paper wrap with a manicure is $25.

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