Star’s tips (left to right) are the Ultra Form, Revelation, and Fine Point. Use Revelation to accommodate wide and flat nail beds because of its defined well area. In comparison to the other two tips, Revelation is pre-tailored, thin, and natural with an advanced bonding well for easy adhesion without the blend line of a regular seam.

Begin the application process by sanitizing and prepping the nails. Size the natural nail with the tip. Make sure that the tip covers the width of the natural nail from corner to corner Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the inside well of the tip. Apply Revelation by placing and rocking it from the free edge toward the cuticle. The result should be an airtight fit.

Trim and shape the nail tip to complement the client’s hands. Blend the tip if necessary and buff the shine from the tip. Now you are ready for the nail extension portion of the service.

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