A “Mini-Course Day” at her daughter’s grade school gave Lisa Gustafson, owner of Brush Strokes in Green Bay, Wis., the perfect opportunity to introduce kids to nail art. A whopping 70 girls, from grades 1-5, signed up for the one- hour nail painting classes. Unfortunately, due to the limited time, only 17 girls had the chance to enjoy their first-ever nail art. Gustafson brought in five decorated tips for the girls to choose for Gustafson to paint on one nail.

“It was fun to see the kids look at their design and smile and say, ‘Wow I can’t believe you did that,’“ she says. One of the girls told Gustafson that her sister was a nail technician and that she would like to become one, too. “My class definitely opened their minds to what being a nail artist is all about,” she says.

Gustafson plans on returning next year and hopes she can offer classes all day long to accommodate every kid who is eager for nail art.

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