Approximately 50 nail technicians and hairdressers staged a peaceful demonstration April 6, 1997, at CVS (a national drugstore chain) in Woonsocket, R.I. The salon professionals were protesting the sale of professional beauty products they found available in the store. The demonstrators carried signs supplied to them from R.G. Shakour, a Mass.-based beauty product distributor and supporter of the demonstration. Terri Taricco, nail division manager for the distributorship, is behind the demonstrators’ efforts as well and says, “Nail technicians as a group are strong, but combined with the hairdressers in this ef­fort, we really have the strength to change things.” Taricco also says that the point of the demonstration is to irritate the store’s cus­tomers enough that store management will pull the product from the shelves rather than anger then customers further by allowing the protest to continue.

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