Add just the right zing to generic beauty products by blending them with essential oils and other natural that are tailored your clients’ unique needs. Ruth Gurry, owner of the Green Door Day Spa in Manchester. Vl., mixes essential— plant oils with the unscented products she uses in her manicures and pedicures to create a therapeutic, invigorating effect The keys to a stimulating pedicure, she says, are peppermint and rosemary, “Peppermint gives your client extra get-up-and-go,” she says, “while rosemary clears the mind, fights fatigue, and even aids digestion.” Gurry adds two drops of each to the products she uses at each step in the treatment: first in the pedicure bath, then mixed with the sea salt she uses as an exfoliant, and finally in the massage lotion.

Melissa Wakefield, owner of Melissa’s Hand & Foot Spa in Thunder Bay; Ontario, Canada, creates a deep-healing moisturizer by adding tea tree oil (derived from a tree found only in Australia, she says) to a commercial conditioning cream. Just 5-6 drops to a quarter-cup of cream works wonders on cuticles and skin, she says.

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