Illustration/Chris Murphy

Illustration/Chris Murphy

I never let another nail technician borrow any of my things due to a hard lesson I learned from experience. Letting others borrow your supplies contributes to conflict. I’ve found that the nail technician who borrows from you starts out as your friend and a great working partner. Then it becomes a constant borrowing frenzy. Pretty soon you are not only providing for your business, but for hers too. When you finally tell her “no,” because it is actually costing you more money to replace those products, she ends up not liking you anymore and you no longer work well together. Now if someone asks to borrow something I simply say, “No, I’m sorry,” and explain my reasons. Not only am I maintaining a good relationship with my coworker, but I’m avoiding a future conflict and keeping a friend.

Jeanette Ford

Carson City, Nev.

No! When I leave my station at the end of a day I know exactly where everything is. I know that all of my implements are sanitized and ready for my first customer. I don’t trust anyone to take care of my products No one takes the same precautions against contamination that I do.

Tobie Flowers

Pringles Hair & Beyond

Winchester, Va.

Yes, I would let another nail technician borrow a product because I’ve been in the same situation myself. We all use the same products, and know each other very well.

Kristi Brown

Finger’s Nail Studios, Dundee, Ill.

Borrowing can become a very bad habit and may create problems among coworkers. Be responsible enough to check your inventory on a weekly basis. If you are running low on a particular item, order extra because you never know if an item is back-ordered. This will eliminate the need to borrow from someone else and allows you to lend a product to a fellow coworker without being left empty-handed.

DeeDee Smith

Ultra Beauty Salon

Las Vegas, Nev.

If another nail technician is waiting for a product delivery, I’ll give her some of mine. If one of her clients really likes one of my polish colors, I’ll let her borrow it. But I won’t let anyone take advantage of me. I don’t let it get to the point where I start resenting her for it.

Maureen Floberg

Joe Oliveri Hair Design

Redondo Beach, Calif.

Yes. I’m a distributor for a nail manufacturer so I always have plenty of product on hand. There are seven nail technicians here and we’ve had no problems borrowing products from each other. We respect each other’s property so the borrowing doesn’t get out of control.

Tye Broughton

Nail Designs

Medford, Ore.

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