At Fruits of the Spirit in Scottsdale, Ariz., one can’t help but notice the sweet smell of success. But is it emanating from their custom aromatherapy bar or from the adjoining pizza place? Designed as a center for self-kindness, Fruits of the Spirit is comprised of a day spa, boutique, and wellness center housed together with a restaurant — Sidney’s Pizza Cafe. “Why not a restaurant combined with a wellness center?” asks John Goodman, owner of Minneapolis-based Sidney’s Pizza Cafes and a prime force behind the “under-one roof” concept. “It’s a natural when you think about it,” says Goodman. “Be good to your insides by dining on cuisine made from all-natural ingredients, and be kind to your body and soul by rejuvenating with all-natural bath and body products and spa services.” Fruits of the Spirit’s 1,200-square-foot retail area features a signature line of skin and bath products that can be custom-scented from 30 flavours or left fragrance-free. Spa services include natural nail manicures, pedicures, waxing, chair massage, and a visual relaxation therapy room. After a year in business, this marriage of sensory delights seems to be working, reports Karetta Barrett, spa manager and aesthetician. “People waiting for a table in the restaurant naturally check out the store and tour the spa. We get a lot of people who wouldn’t come ordinarily.”

We all like to know how we stack up in the grand scheme of things. Fortunately the Gallup syndicated studies of the beauty salon market has obliged us in this regard by conducting a survey of more than 1,000 managers of big hair salon — that is, salons with three or more full-time staff members engaged In Cutting coloring, and permanent wave services. Among the findings:

The average salon owner/manager has been in the industry for 17 years. Salons in this category average 280 clients per week. The labour force is heavily influenced by the presence of independent contractors. Four out every 10 salons are staffed by independent contractors. The East had the smallest percentage of independent contractors at 19%, the Midwest averaged 35%, the South 42%, and the West 62%. Among non-hair services offered by the salons surveyed, depilatory work was the most common at 76%, then nail care at 71 %, only 16% offered body massage. Of non-hair services planned to be added, skin cane was most popular at 25%, then body massage at 24%.

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