Alaska nail technicians are just one signature away from licensing. A bill requiring 350 hours of education for nail technicians had passed the House and was going to the State Senate as NAILS went to press, reports Dagmar Stranak, owner of Classic Nails Plus More in Wasilla, Alaska, who has lobbied hard for this bill.

Ever since a bill requiring nail technician licensing was defeated five years ago, Stranak has been working hard to get a bill passed. Now it looks like that may just happen, she says, as she, beautician Ann Stauffer, and Alice Massie, owner of Guys & Gals salon in Wasilla — who’ve all worked hard to get this bill passed — wait anxiously for word on whether the governor signs it. Stranak estimates there are approximately 2,800 nail technicians currently working in the state.

If passed, the bill requires nail technicians to have three years’ full-time experience in a salon to be grandfathered in for licensing. The bill requires 350 education hours or 350 hours of apprenticeship in a state board-approved salon for a nail technician license.

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