The business of beauty professionals is to increase self-esteem and to help individuals to feel good about themselves. Top coat manufacturer Pro-Line Cosmetics (Mesa, Ariz.) has found a special way to do that. Pro-Line’s president Ben Jarvis explains: “About a year ago, we started looking for a place to have our products shrink-wrapped and heard about an organization called Chandler Gilbert Arc.” Based in nearby Chandler, Ariz., CGA provides benefits and services to developmentally disabled adults. Among the services offered is help finding employment in a sheltered, supportive environment.

“After meeting with the CGA staff and clients, we decided they were the folks for the job, and we’ve had no cause to regret the decision,” says Jarvis. A team of four developmentally disabled workers handles Prolinc’s packaging. “It’s one of die tougher jobs undertaken due to the shape of the bottle,” says CGA’s Phil Barnum, “but our clients are always happy to work.” Their work is closely monitored by a supervisor provided by CGA who keeps an eye on quality control.

“We all win in this situation,” says Jarvis. “When you tell them they’ve done a great job, they just glow—it makes us feel great, too.”

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