When it was introduced as Zoom Dry fast-drying top coat in 1992, Art of Beauty set a new pace for nail technicians. Designed to dry polish in five minutes or less, Zoom Dry started a revolution. Since then, there have been countless products that promise fast drying, and the product category has expanded to become one of the hottest product category has expanded to become one of the hottest product areas in nail care.

Into the fray once again leaps Art of Beauty with Qtica 1/2 Time, a new polish drying product that uses a technology the company calls the "paper towel effect." Company president Michael Reyzis describes the evolution of fast-drying top coats: "The products can be divided into three types: air dries, which mix with polish and dry through evaporation; solvents-based or UV-activated resin product that provide stronger protective film but require equipment; and heat-activated products, which also require equipment.

The different with Qtica 1/2 Time is that it absorbs solvents from the base coat and polish, explains Reyzis; polish is dry to the touch in two minutes, and solid dry in five to six minutes. The new product does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, or any solvents.

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