Illustration/Dominque Blaskovich

Illustration/Dominque Blaskovich

Are you feeling undervalued, second-class, or expendable as a nail technician at a salon where emphasis is on hair? Well, if you can’t sing like Aretha Franklin, you’ll have to figure out some other way to earn your boss’ s respect. NAILS offer the following suggestions to help you can demonstrate professionalism, your commitment, and your dollars- and-cent value to an unappreciative employer.

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH HAIR CLIENTS. Bosses love to see their employees taking the initiative to get new clients and make existing ones feels special. Suggest to the hairstylists that you can apply polish or do a quick repair while a client’s hair is processing. This will improved your relationship with the stylists, and you may gain a new client for yourself.

SELL PRODUCTS TO YOUR CLIENTS. Some say nail technicians actually have a higher retail potential than hairdressers. Since nail clients come to salon more frequently than hair clients, nail technicians have  more opportunities to make sure their clients have what they need for their home beauty regime. Help your nails client find the right shampoo as well as nail polish and make sure your boss sees you in action.

EDUCATE YOUR BOSS. Help your boss stay informed about the changing nail market place. New nail products from strengtheners to quick drying polishes to sanitation equipment are introduce all the time. Read the new product literature and trade magazines. Stay alert at shows, try the samples, and do everything you can to keep abreast of industry changes. If your boss realizes you know what you’re talking about, he or she may learn to consult with you before making decisions that affect the salon’s nail service.

TAKE CLASSES. Seek out opportunities to advance through education. Take a course in reflexology, hand massage techniques, aromatherapy or therapeutic waxes, and watch your dollars increase the surest way to gain your boss’s respect.

OFFER TO MAKE A PRESENTATION. Step forward and become the nail educator at your salon. At a staff meeting, teach others about the new massage techniques you just learned. Or demonstrate a paraffin dip on a coworker. If your boss owns other salons, offer to make the same presentation at the other locations as well.

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