Laura Mix has a degree in zoology and is a licensed medical technologist. A year ago, she became a licensed nail technician. The career evolution was a natural one for Mix. “I have always been artistically inclined, and with my medical background, dealing with things like sanitation and bacteria comes naturally.”

Laura Mix’s husband of 34 years, Dr. Godfrey Mix is a successful podiatrist and a regular contributor to NAILS. Dr. Mix has always felt there was a connection between podiatry and pedicures. “Podiatrists do a lot of general nail care,’ explains Dr. Mix. “Some patients don’t need me, but their either don’t know about pedicures or are worried about salon sanitation. Many clients are willing to pay more money to be seen in medical setting.”

When she was going to school, Mrs. Mix found the opposite was also often true – people were coming to the school for pedicures when they really needed medical attention. “Either they weren’t aware they had a problem or they didn’t know there was a cure available. Some people were unaware their insurance would cover podiatric care,” she says.

Once licensed, setting up shop was easy for Mrs. Mix she turned a spare examination room in her husband‘s Sacramento, Calif-based office into her work area. During a nail service, clients sit in a standard podiatry chair. They can also soak in the Jacuzzi that is part of the medical facilities. Mix’s fees are competitive with local salons. A standard pedicure cost $22. For $30, clients can get a top-of –the –line service that includes a paraffin dip

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